"What amazing underwear! I bought my mate a pair for Christmas and he looked so amazing in them, and he could not stop talking them up.So now I just placed an order for FIVE more pairs. Great service and quick delivery."

B.M.W (Atlanta, GA)


"We've all done it at some point, bought our favourite "designer" undies, put them on thought, "they feel great". And they do, for about 5 minutes.Then reality kicks in and you spend the rest of the day re-adjusting trying to get comfortable. Now I've discovered BIG BOYS, those days are gone. I put them on and forget about them. It doesn't even occur to me that I'm even wearing underwear. Fabulous!"

G.R. (Dublin, Ireland)


"I have tried just about every make of pants on the market, I am too big for all of them but BIG BOYS are brilliant! I am pretty huge down there, plus a load of piercing jewellery. These briefs contain it all without compression, hold it forward to avoid getting between the legs and are really sensuous. I see that there are now thongs and I shall order some. Super,I love my new pants!"



“I have just purchased several more pairs after buying 2 pairs a couple of years ago. I had already purchased several similar pairs from another company hence I only bought 2. I wish I had brought more of Big Boys as although the products are very similar for design, comfort etc Big Boys last longer. The 2 pairs I brought are still in excellent condition, which cannot be said for the others I bought.BIG BOYS are a great product that you will not be disappointed in and believe me you won't go back to any other underwear once you slip on a pair of these. Best thing about them you don't even know your wearing them. Heaven!!!!!!”

R.F (London, UK)

"Just to let you know that I am very pleased with the underwear, both the brief and boxer are superb, and for once I have found some underwear that fits. I have never seen anything like these, through want of trying for years. Excellent material too, and they look good and feel good!!! I'll be back for some more via your website."

J.G. (Birmingham,UK)


"I purchased a couple of pair of the Lo-Rise style. They are great! Having had testicular surgery and 2 hernia operations, I can't wear other underwear as they mash up the goods against the body or just irritate the skin. Since I received them, I wear them under work clothes, dress clothes and shorts. No matter what I wear I feel comfortable and have no discomfort that I get with other brands. Time to order more!

W.W. (Alberta, Canada)


"I bought 3 pairs of the briefs, and I absolutely love them!! They give great support and freedom of movement.  They also feel rather sensual. If you're reading these reviews wondering if they're right for you, once you wear a pair, you will never go back to regular underwear.  No more skin-to-skin pulling and sticking.  WOW what a relief!!!!  A must buy."

O.H. (Sweden)